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Jaywalker free magazine of the arts was published monthly in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and is still available online at all times right here! We hope to get some version of it going again. For now, it is an archival site only.


Check out our old publisher's new blog, The Metaphor Observatory, with plenty of examples of contemporary metaphor in the media.


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Your August Hors D' Scope

  The Mysterious All-Seeing Big Brown Eye of Sarcastio

By: The Mysterious, All-Seeing Big Brown Eye of Sarcastio

Arias: Your swan song begins this month, though somewhat out of tune with the universe. It's OK though - no one is listening to you these days anyways...

Taunus: You are at your peak this month. Expect many visitors, but don't let that wear you down. You may be inclined to surround yourself with water and hide your head in the clouds.

Gemminess: August is a good time to spruce up. You'll look and feel smart with a nice red sunburn, so skip that lotion and slather on the cookin' oil!

Canceller: You'll feel wiped out this month. Put off all your plans and don't make new ones. No future for you, dude.

Librarian: The story of August unfolds uneventfully for our poor Librarian. Don't be afraid to turn a new leaf and enter a new chapter in your life. Will it be a better life? Well, that's another story...

Virge: Hang onto yourself and swear your fidelity. Stick to your own territory or prepare for some feudin'.

Levo: You need to find some direction in your life. Head west, and once you've left you'll be all right.

Scoria: This month will test your mettle.  Though you will rise to the top, it is not because you are cream, but because you are scum.

Sachetarius: You've got it all in the bag this month. Though many will find you incensitive, you'll manage to turn around this dirty laundry and come out smelling like roses.

Capriccio: Your life may gradually decompose in August, becoming prone to wandering as you follow the beat of a different drummer. An ideal time to improvise, just don't get carried away.

Aqua Velva: Feeling blue? Try changing after-shaves and rolling around in your own filth. At least the flies will like you.

Pices: You'll find yourself out-of-date and worthless. A few will appear to value you - mostly nerds - but, like the rest, they will eventually treat you like pocket change.


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