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Jaywalker free magazine of the arts was published monthly in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and is still available online at all times right here! We hope to get some version of it going again. For now, it is an archival site only.


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Front & Centre

By the Jaywalker Gadabout


The Passion 


Cheryl Pelow

It isn't hard to find the work of Cheryl Pelow at any of its several locations downtown. Nor is it hard to see her identity and her devotion to her faith in her artwork when you find it. It is, however, quite a challenge to find a piece of Cheryl's art that does not reflect both herself and her beliefs. Cheryl is an experienced artist and an unorthodox witch.  

The Whisper

Unbound in her studies of faith, she magically unites symbolism from many world religions on single canvasses. This eclecticism extends to the ethnic languages, which often complete her pieces; her stylish calligraphy bridging the gap between text and image.

With her faith in the occult, it seems only fitting that she paints images for Tarot cards. In fact, she's currently painting a complete deck - that's 78 paintings! Her Tarot images have also been used to help power a book by Elizabeth Greene titled "The Moon Card". Beyond the Tarot cards, she has also expressed an astrological birth chart "Selma's Planets".  

Auto da fé; The Moon Card; Haniel; Isadora

Cheryl Pelow has embraced the elements with a passion. That is to say, each of her pieces are likely to contain dynamistic levels of energy and at least one of the elements of Air, Fire, Water or Earth. Energy is seen flowing freely about the places of the universe as an occult force that powers everything in life. Her generous use of jewel tones brings these elements to vivid life, capturing the eye for a colourful journey to the mystic realm.

Cheryl's personality is woven together with her faith to form a complete canvas. There are many witches in the world. This one is Cheryl Pelow. The demeanor of her paintings reveals one who is yielding yet self-assured: power appears in her works as power over the self rather than others, and can be seen clearly in the posture and sensuality of "Isadora", or the faithful confidence of "Auto da fé". An affinity with the forces of nature appears to lend support to this power; and Cheryl's images seem to suggest that a balance between the self and nature brings happiness and completion.  

Night Rose; Prosperity; Sublimation

I also detected a sense of trust in Cheryl at our door, when she left her treasured portfolio in the hands of someone who looks like me. This feeling was later endorsed when we discovered her many images depicting vulnerable women comfortably exposed to the elements. Comfort with one's vulnerability is a sure sign of faith; of trust in unseen forces.

So if you're around town and see artwork teeming with mystic symbolism, the four elements, powerful curves and jewel-toned colours, you should look for her signature. With Cheryl Pelow, you can always count on the canvas becoming something magical.





The Visitor; Selma's Planets; Yellow Swallowtails



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